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Growing Demand for HR Specialists Leads to Growing Salaries

Karina Chowaniak

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- Companies are currently investing in HR departments and employer branding activities on an unprecedented scale. The main reason for this is the shortage of candidates in the labour market. Therefore, companies were forced to focus on their recruiting policies and invest in HR professionals who would be able to draw in the best employees and ensure that the company projects an attractive brand image.  Saying that HR has become more important than marketing and sales would be an oversimplification, however such rapid salary growth is a definite sign of the growing importance of employment, payroll and employer brand image specialists – says Artur Skiba, Antal Chairman.

Heads of HR departments should not count on receiving raises

Antal's 2017 Salary Report shows that the average gross monthly salary of HR professionals and managers in 2017 was PLN 12 600 and has increased by 21% compared to 2016. It is worth noting that HR had the highest salary growth out of all sectors. Antal experts point out, however, that not all HR employees received raises last year.

- Salaries of experienced recruiting professionals, especially in the IT and SSC/BPO sectors, are growing the fastest. However, salaries of HR department directors have not changed in the last few years – says Agnieszka Pastuła, Team Manager, Antal HR&Legal.

Company size is key

When recruiting HR employees, companies often take into consideration the size of the companies that candidates has previously worked for. The bigger and more international a given company, the better, as it proves that the candidate has gained familiarity with advanced HR tools. He or she will also be able to manage budgets for additional activities, such as employee development. What is equally important, experience gained in an international corporation guarantees that candidates, both professionals and managers, will be offered similar salaries regardless of location.

Should marketing specialists be concerned about their salaries?

The average gross monthly salary of marketing and sales professionals and managers in 2017 was PLN 9630 and has dropped by 20% compared to 2016. Antal experts point out, however, that candidates specializing in a certain area should not be worried about the future.

- Sales and marketing experts will have no trouble navigating the labour market. Employers who wish to see their business grow are aware just how important effective salespeople and creative marketing experts are and, therefore, often prepare tailor-made job offers for them – says Katarzyna Sołtysiak, FMCG Consultant, Antal Sales&Marketing.

Online marketing is king

Antal Sales&Marketing Manager Joanna Kuzioła notes that candidates with online marketing and e-commerce experience can literally pick and choose job offers regardless of sector.

- Job offers are growing more and more attractive due to the continuing shortage of such competencies in the rapidly growing market. The situation will most likely get even worse, as forecasts show that in 2017 more will be spent on online advertising than TV commercials – says Joanna Kuzioła, Team Manager, Antal Sales&Marketing.

 According to data gathered by Zenith, the global web advertising market will grow by 13% in 2017,reaching a total value of 205 billion dollars. The share of internet ads in global advertising spending will grow to 36.9% (compared to 34% in 2016), making web advertising specialists that much more desirable.

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