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Headhunter - opportunities and challenges in the recruiter's work

The Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw, known for initiating valuable discussions related to the science of psychology, became the venue for an essential debate in the area of human resource management. The conference titled "Contemporary HR: The Modern Role, Priorities, and Challenges of the HR Department" was organized by the active circle of organizational and work psychology. This event attracted a large group of students for whom the HR area represents their professional future.

Meeting with an Expert: Introduction to the Recruiter's Profession

A key point in the conference program was a lecture by Małgorzata Wójtowicz, an experienced specialist in the field of recruitment, focusing on the topic "Headhunter - Opportunities and Challenges in a Recruiter's Work". The students listened with keen interest, wanting to delve into the intricacies of the profession.

Characteristics and Diversity in the World of Recruitment

Małgorzata Wójtowicz introduced the attendees to, among other things, the specifics of a 360 consultant's work - a person who deals with both acquiring clients and candidates. Key features that a good headhunter should possess and the practical aspects of a recruiter's daily work were discussed. Additionally, the audience was introduced to the diversity of the recruitment agency market, helping students understand the dynamics and complexity of the HR industry.

External Headhunter vs. Internal Recruiter

One of the intriguing points of the lecture was analyzing the differences between the work of an external headhunter and an individual recruiting internally for a specific company. This important distinction allowed students to understand the unique challenges faced by each of these specialists and the competencies required in both roles.

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