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How many invitations to interviews about changing jobs did employees from different specializations receive in 2016?

Record Interest in IT Professionals during the 2016 Recruitment Processes

The year 2016 brought a surprise for IT industry experts. In that year, IT professionals received a record number of invitations for job interviews, with their mailboxes being filled with employment offers, averaging three times a month. Both potential employers and headhunting industry specialists inundated them with propositions.

Other Industries Also in the Spotlight

Not only IT specialists garnered the attention of employers. Those specializing in logistics, engineering, finance, and accounting also experienced an increased interest in their expertise. On average, these specialists received nine job proposals throughout the year, while HR experts received eight.

Shifting Attitudes towards Job Offers

Even though the number of job offers for IT professionals increased, their attitude towards these offers remained passive. As pointed out by Aleksandra Kujawa, manager of Antal IT Services, financial motivation is not the key deciding factor in this industry. For IT professionals, opportunities for development and working on innovative projects are more important.

The Polish Job Market and Retaining Employees

Despite the high popularity of the IT sector in Poland, employers must understand the specific nature of the current job market. This market is evolving towards a candidate-driven market, where it is the employee who decides the employment terms. Thus, it becomes essential to monitor employee satisfaction and engagement to avoid their migration to competitors. In this process, direct superiors play a crucial role.

Antal's Periodic Study and Further Information

The results we presented are just a fragment of the periodic research conducted by Antal. We encourage you to follow our website, where we will soon publish the full report of the study. In the meantime, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the data from the previous year, available on our site.

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