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Modern consulting: with the client at the heart and technology in mind

72% of surveyed companies declared that in 2023 they plan to use external support in the HR area. This is a 10% increase compared to the previous year. Data from the "5th Edition of the HR Analytics Survey" leaves no doubt – consulting is becoming an increasingly popular development tool for Polish companies.

What is Business Consulting?

Business Consulting is an advisory service aimed at improving the efficiency and achieving the business goals of an organization. It includes:

  • Creating long-term strategies aligned with the company’s vision and goals.
  • Analyzing and improving business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Supporting change management such as digital transformation or restructuring.
  • Identifying areas for improvement and implementing actions that increase productivity and service quality.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance and effective operational risk management.
  • Assisting in attracting, retaining, and developing top talent.

Thanks to their experience, business consultants provide personalized solutions, helping companies achieve a competitive advantage and long-term success.

The world of consulting is moving forward

Rigid frameworks and hierarchy in the consulting world are giving way to flexibility and partnership relations with clients. Today, clients dictate the trends, expecting more than just expertise. They desire partners who understand their business challenges and can deliver personalized, practical solutions both immediate and long-term. Faced with increasing competition and constantly changing market trends, strategic planning for further development is becoming an ever-greater challenge for Polish companies. In this dynamic environment, next-generation consulting emerges as an essential compass, helping companies navigate turbulent waters and achieve their goals.

Six pillars of modern consulting

In today’s dynamically changing business world, modern consulting must meet a variety of challenges and client expectations. Next-generation consultants focus on relationships, technology, standardization, trust, effectiveness, and knowledge to provide the highest quality advisory services. Experts from Antal highlight six pillars that form the foundation of effective consulting, helping companies achieve their business goals and maintain market competitiveness.


In this dynamic world, next-generation consultants focus on relationships as they ensure an understanding of the problem and diagnose the source of business disruptions. Sometimes the causes are obvious, and sometimes the opposite is true, making the consultant a trusted business confidant and synonymous with information security. They can communicate effectively with clients, actively listen, and adapt their services to individual needs.

Example: During the first meeting between Antal and company X from the FMCG sector, the key to success was a deep understanding of the industry’s specifics and the challenges faced by the client. After several meetings, we requested data that the client had not initially considered. We conducted a thorough analysis and proposed solutions that significantly improved logistics processes and increased sales while also impacting other procedures, generating cost savings as an additional benefit of the cooperation.


Technology becomes a bridge connecting the consultant with the client. The next-generation consultant is not only an expert but also a strategist and business advisor. They possess broad knowledge and experience in various fields, allowing for a holistic view of the organization and the identification of unconventional solutions. The modern business world is inseparably linked with technology. The continuous development of digital tools and solutions opens new possibilities but also poses challenges of optimization and effective use of technology. In this context, next-generation consulting becomes a technological compass leading companies to success in the digital tides of dynamic change. Next-generation consultants go beyond patterns and analyze business from different perspectives, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity, cost reduction, and improved competitiveness.


Universal solutions do not exist. Next-generation consultants focus on personalizing services tailored to the client’s needs. However, for these services to be effective, a standard is necessary: diagnostics, analysis, followed by solutions and implementation.

Example: Implementing a dedicated project management platform in company Y from the IT sector improved communication and reduced administrative costs by 12%, even though the client approached Antal seeking savings through back-office staff reductions. The solution allowed retaining jobs while achieving the desired level of cost reduction.


Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Consultants who operate transparently and ethically build credibility and gain client loyalty. At Antal, our collaboration with each recipient is based on clear and transparent principles. We regularly report work progress and reliably inform about any potential conflicts of interest. This builds trust and confidence that the client is in good hands. Meetings with clients are not only about discussing current matters. It’s a time for building relationships, understanding their evolving needs and expectations. The best ideas and solutions arise from such conversations and are adapted on an ongoing basis. Today’s advisor is not just an authority or auditor with a mission to eliminate errors. Empathy, communication skills, and active listening are qualities that distinguish the best consultants. It is these soft skills that allow for building strong relationships based on mutual understanding, leading to solutions.

Example: Company Z initially approached Antal with a request to develop an EVP (Employer Value Proposition). This request stemmed from the headquarters' guidelines. To build value for the company as an organization, we needed data on employees and the company itself. The client trusted us, and despite the headquarters' initial resistance, which simply expected an EVP document for the records, they agreed to conduct engagement and satisfaction surveys. These provided not only material for working on the EVP but also set a direction for long-term actions in company Z and other units.


Data clearly shows that next-generation consulting is not just a temporary help but a strategic investment in the company's future. Collaboration with experienced consultants can help companies achieve key business goals such as increased efficiency, cost optimization, building strong client relationships, and creating an engaged team. As many as 80% of surveyed companies rated the quality of consulting services as good or very good. This is a clear signal that companies appreciate consultants' expertise and experience, as well as their ability to tailor services to individual client needs. Moreover, 75% of companies plan to continue working with consultants in the coming years. This proves that next-generation consulting brings tangible benefits and is perceived as a valuable investment in the company’s future. 60% of surveyed companies that used consulting services reported cost reductions in the HR area. Additionally, 58% of companies saved time thanks to process automation.


Knowledge, experience, and historical data form the foundation of consulting, especially next-generation consulting. We base our actions on reliable analyses and research, allowing us to provide clients with fact-based solutions tailored to their specific needs, as the key to successful next-generation consulting is a partnership and constructive approach. Nearly 30 years of experience in business consulting has allowed us to accumulate extensive knowledge and experience that form the foundation of next-generation consulting at Antal Business Consulting. By leveraging the global knowledge base and experiences available within the Antal Group, we provide our clients access to the most advanced solutions and best practices from around the world. At Antal, we believe that values such as partnership, commitment, and client orientation are crucial for effective consulting. Our experience and work culture foster building strong relationships with clients based on mutual trust and respect.

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