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Most Desirable Employers in the opinion of Specialists and Managers - 6th edition

On April 26th, in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, a ceremonial gala took place where the best employers were awarded statuettes. This event was a perfect opportunity to underline the importance of employer branding in modern business.

Diversity of Awarded Sectors

The laureates who received these prestigious awards represented a broad spectrum of industries. Awards were given to companies from 9 different sectors, ranging from Administration to Senior Management. This shows that excellent practices in employer branding are not limited to just one industry.

Unique Nature of the Study and Market Dynamics

What makes this study stand out is the fact that respondents had complete freedom in indicating their preferred workplace. Thanks to this, the awarded employers were those who truly effectively cared for their image. Equally interesting is how dynamically the list of awarded companies changes - 28 out of 63 laureates are enterprises that were not on the list the previous year.

Expert Commentary - New Market Demands

Artur Skiba, President of Antal and Vice-President of the Employment Agency Association, highlighted the key findings from the study: "The results of this edition of the study show the evolution of the Polish job market. Today's employee is more aware of their value and has specific expectations towards employers. Building an image based on real actions, not empty promises, is key. Innovation is valued both in the approach to business and in the company's internal strategy. This approach not only attracts talents to the company but has a positive impact on the country's entire economy."

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