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ReX grows in 2021

Martyna Petrus
Martyna Petrus PR & Marketing

Innovative crowdstaffing recruitment is becoming increasingly popular. ReX recruiters have completed ten times more projects than last year, and new inquiries are still arriving. From today, the necessary knowledge about the platform implemented by Antal can be found on the new website. 

The year 2020 has led organisations to look for new solutions and opportunities for action. 2021 is expected to be a time to implement and adapt innovation on a larger scale. The recruitment market ceases to be assertive with the new year and the needs of employers are growing rapidly. REX observations show that in one day the number of projects on the crowdstaffing platform can increase by 20%. Employers are not even always able to know how quickly, where and by whom recruitment is carried out. This was not only due to multi-channel communication, but also unrestricted access to information. These capabilities have been organized into recruitment processes in the systems and platforms that organize them into a service. 

For companies, not only efficiency indicators or quantitative recruitment indicators are important, but also who, and how, represents the company in the market when looking for anemployeefor it. Professional recruiters take care of the company's image, knowing that their attitude – reliability and effectiveness – will have a strong impact on it. Caring for your employer's brand is also one of ReX's leading mottos. 

Recruitment to the platform is conducted organically. Only when the ceiling of 10% of projects waiting in line for implementation is reached, the search for more partners begins. The priority is to provide a satisfactory number of orders to partners already cooperating before new ones are invited. This philosophy translates into loyalty and good relationships as well as the involvement of recruiters. Maybe that's why over the last year not only the number of projects for clients has increased, but also 50% more recruiters have applied to cooperation with ReXKarolina Korzeniwska, ReX Project Manager at Antal.

Good to know: 

  • In 2020, ReX completed 400 projects and presented 800 candidates 
  • 70 top recruiters from all over Poland and abroad worked on projects 
  • This allowed ReX customers to generate more than one million PLN in savings 
  • 100% of ReX candidates in 2020 met employers' expectations and after a trial period their contracts were renewed 

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