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Self-presentation on the labor market in the era of digital solutions - how to take care of your image and introduce yourself as a professional?

Martyna Petrus
Martyna Petrus PR & Marketing
The new year is a time of changes, incl. work. That is why it is worth knowing how to best present yourself on the market. In job interviews, the question "tell me about yourself" is often asked. How you answer this question sets the tone for the entire interview, and depending on what you present, you can make or spoil a good first impression.

All the more so in a pandemic world dominated by remote recruitment. Nowadays, a positive e-image has become an indispensable element of building your brand online. It is not only a lot of work - consistency in action, systematicity and commitment, but above all a long-term process that, if properly planned and carried out consciously, will bring results. The digitization already observed in 2019 and at the beginning of 2020 is accelerating more and more. The dissemination of remote work and the development of automation processes by introducing new technologies to companies are the result of changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, these are the two main trends that will accompany us in the coming months on the labor market.

Good use of expert knowledge

The coronavirus pandemic not only marked a new direction in the functioning of online organizations, but also focused everyone's eyes on content posted on the Internet to a greater extent. The maxim "when they see us, this is how they write us" has gained in importance and is still evolving, adapting to current trends.

Although the image - not only the business one - consists of many factors, self-presentation is the part for which we are responsible. It is not enough to be an expert, you have to show your body of expert knowledge. It is worth applying the 90/10 rule. In short, 90% of the content shared should come from sources already recognized as experts - industry publications, popular websites and blogs, etc. The remaining 10% should come directly from the interested party - comments Barbara Makuła, Senior Consultant, Antal SSC / BPO.

Networking is even approaching digital

Another important aspect of creating a professional on-line image is also building a professional network of contacts. Contacts significant for the development of an expert image are best acquired through participation in numerous events, conferences or webinars. In digital form, networking events also offer many opportunities.

When participating in a conference or business event, it is worth remembering what to take out of them. Precise content, a large number of press materials, as well as a proper business photo report from the event shape the expert image of all the speakers, which in turn translates into new contracts and business contacts in the region. As for meeting participants, it is important to be remembered. In the form of online events, this is possible through active participation, asking questions and introducing yourself before speaking in the forum. After the event is over, it would be a good idea to make a list of professionals you would like to stay in touch with. Then send an email to these people or an invitation through LinkedIn to show that you're genuinely interested in starting a professional relationship. By referring to previous discussions, you can help to revive the memories of professionals who are sent e-mails - adds Barbara Makuła, Senior Consultant, Antal SSC / BPO.

The new reality of remote recruitment

Modern HR takes into account the development of remote work thanks to the use of specialized tools. One of them is the automation of recruitment processes. As technology advances, it becomes more and more convenient and profitable for employers to conduct online interviews. Virtual interviews reduce transportation costs, speed up the interview process and allow hiring managers to interview applicants from outside the country.

Employers can recruit online using a variety of methods. It is worth making sure what type of interview you can expect. The most common type is video call. Even if the appointment with the recruiter is remote, it is still important to dress professionally. It is worth taking care of business - casual clothes. If there is an option, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the company's dress code beforehand. It is also important to be active by listening and proactively building relationships with your interlocutor. The future employer - on the basis of the analysis of microexpressions (often completely unconsciously, of course) - can take into account whether you listen to him with interest, whether you have it written on your face when talking about excitement, and finally - whether you are in control during the conversation. stress - advises Marta Kozieł, Antal Senior HR Specialist. After the interview is over, it is worth sending the recruiter a thank you for the interview. Thanks to this, an expert and professional image is gained, and the person responsible for recruitment will remember it.

Self-presentation and the industry

In which industry you want to build your own an expert image matters. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the content you create and share - the more they are related to your profession, the better. Industry-related materials should create a "background" to the knowledge that you want to promote as the key one.

As an engineer, an important method of self-presentation is the portfolio. Having a portfolio of projects at hand increases your job opportunities. Recalling not necessarily every project, but the most important ones will result in perceiving the candidate as a professional. A project journal is also a good method. It can help engineers clarify the details of their work. The journals explain how much effort was put into each project and provide the most important information about: meetings, discussions you have attended, important decisions and "milestones" that have been solved. In the digital age, it is worth using Word, Excel or Evernote tools for such tasks to document your projects - comments Roman Zabłocki, Business Unit Director, Antal Engineering & Operations.

In IT, many employers carry out a detailed technical competency analysis of candidates. Some organizations carry out this type of analysis after conducting preliminary interviews. In that case, it's worth being problem-oriented and the potential solutions for solving them. Try online coding challenges or puzzles as a free-time warm-up exercise and show off your good results online. It is also worth demonstrating a sample of codes or projects that were made earlier - says Martyna Grunt-Mejer, Senior Consultant, Antal IT Services.

How to shine as a freelance recruiter?

More freedom comes with more responsibility. While the catalog of freelance professions is currently expanding, the creative industries are still the most popular. How to take care of self-presentations as a freelancer recruiter?

In the case of recruiters, a big plus is adding information on your profile in social media for which positions a given freelancer recruits most often, in which areas he has expertise. It is also important to expand the networking network, which in the case of freelancers, recruiters increases the chance of successfully closing projects - says Karolina Korzeniewska, ReX Project Manager. Looking for freelancers, recruiters incl. When working on the ReX (Recruitment Exchange) recruitment platform, attention is firstly paid to the area of ​​experience. The candidate does not need to be familiar with several industries, it is better if he or she has one specialization and knowledge of the candidate market, forms of reaching. In addition to social media - people applying to the ReX freelance platform pay attention to a professional CV. The dry description of "the implementation of recruitment processes" does not say much, the details are important - What positions? What job levels (junior / mid / senior +)? What areas? Supplementing such information builds a feeling in the recipient that a given freelancer is professional and knows what he is talking about - she adds.

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