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At the beginning of this year, we forecasted the main trends that will affect the labour market in the coming months. Increases, not only caused by inflation, but also by the increase in expectations after the pandemic, an increase in voluntary rotation to as much as 25% in some industries, as well as an acceleration of the pace of recruitment processes. This report proves that they have proved to be fully successful.

Almost 70% of the respondents received increases, which means an increase by 10 percentage points compared to the previous year. The share of these high salary increases is also growing - over 20% year on year. The candidate's market is booming and employees benefit from it. Inflation gives them additional arguments in the negotiations.

Professionals and managers also more often show an active attitude on the labor market, ie they look for a new job by browsing offers and applying. In this aspect, we recorded record increases. The number of invitations to recruitment processes was also increased by 60%. And employers feeling that most of their offer is not the only one - they accelerate hiring and shorten their procedures, but you can read about it in the next autumn Antal report on recruitment trends.

The question arises - is it already possible to speak about the phenomenon of Great Resignation strongly influencing the economy? On the local market, the increased turnover of people tired of the current style of work made a strong impact on the labor market. Will it also affect us? Although in many respects the Polish market follows Western trends, in this case one can have doubts. We hope that this report will give you more knowledge and help you make changes for the better - within your organization and your own career path.

I wish you an interesting reading,

Artur Skiba, President of Antal


Professionals and managers in the labour market

  • Number of job offers for specialists and managers
  • Job evaluation
  • Increases received

Openness of professionals and managers to job change

  • Attitudes towards job change

Motivations for changing jobs

  • Motivations for changing jobs
  • A job offer that will entice the employee
  • Percentage of expected increase in case of job change

Mobility of professionals and managers

  • Social mobility
  • Relocation attractiveness of Polish cities