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Over the last year, we recorded a very high dynamics of changes in wages and there is no indication that it will stabilize in the near future. The growing expectations of employees and candidates are influenced by the level of inflation, rising interest rates and the uncertain economic situation related to the war in Ukraine. Due to these factors, growth expectations are as high as 40% of current salaries.

The biggest changes concern mainly people who only started their professional careers in the last few years. The unrelenting demand for employees, the shortage of staff, noticeable even in the demographic decline, make the competition in the recruitment of new employees more and more intense. On the other hand, the rising cost of living results in the fact that very young workers conduct tough negotiations in order to ensure that their standard of living will not be lowered by the external situation. Another group traditionally affected by the highest wage increases are IT specialists and managers. According to the DESI 2020 report, 600,000 are missing in the entire European Union. programmers. It is not without reason that I indicate the scale of the shortcomings within the Community. The popularization of remote work during the pandemic increased the interest of foreign companies in Polish experts, who are waiting for more and more offers with salaries in euro. This contributed to a record increase in wages offered in this industry - by 34%.

However, not only in the IT area, we are noting such big changes - representatives of sales and marketing (almost 30% increase), finance and HR are also valued on the market. This creates big challenges for employers - how to effectively deal with the wage pressure? Certainly, the need to raise wages will apply to most enterprises. I hope that this report will be a good point of reference in the current market reality. However, it will be equally important to care for the employer's brand and effective employer branding - internal and external - as never before. Employers need to offer employees added value that prevents the financial factor, while remaining important, from becoming the most important.

I wish you an interesting reading,

Artur Skiba, President of the Management Board of Antal


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