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An employee comes to the company and leaves the boss

Every third specialist will reject an offer of cooperation if the employer's image does not meet his expectations. Antal conducted the Most Desirable Employer 2021 (NPP) survey, which illustrates the importance of taking care of the company's reputation and employer branding and creating a friendly work environment that matches the expectations of employees.

The image of a good and desirable employer is valuable because it allows not only to acquire the best talent, but also to reduce the costs caused by employee turnover and those related to the recruitment process.

Flexible working hours – an important requirement for an employee

More than 1/4 of companies indicated that in their organization the dimension of flexible working time is low – an employee can spend less than half of the working time at home. The lack of the possibility of remote work was indicated by 5% of organizations, while almost 1/4 indicated that in their organizations the dimension of flexible working time is different.

When it comes to the work model, most companies implement a 2-on-3 scheme, which means that depending on the organization, you work 2 days at home and 3 days in the office, or vice versa. Some enterprises do not designate a permanent place of work at all, you can only work remotely. Although many leaders would like to work face to face, employees value the opportunity to work outside the office. For example, saved time for commuting or the ability to do work regardless of the place. Already, many tech companies have declared that working from home has become the norm and have no plans to return to offices. The big trend in 2022 will be better, virtual tools that will enable remote work and the emergence of the metauniverse – which will transform the definition of hybrid work, as well as onboarding, training and meetings – comments Sandra Zborowska, Team Leader Antal, IT Services.

From a culture of presence to a culture of trust

For employers, an important aspect should be the transition from a culture of presence to a culture of trust.  The element of remote work and trust in employees will actually have many more dimensions. Work-life balance turns into work-life intergration. These concepts are two different approaches to how to combine or separate professional and private life. given the development of remote and hybrid workplaces, it seems that it is more difficult to separate professional and personal life. But what if they should not be separated, but rather integrated?

Employees of the surveyed organizations assess the offer of their own company in terms of the possibility of flexible working time quite well – 84% of respondents indicated so. On the other hand, only 6% of employees are not satisfied with the possibilities of available flexible working time.

While earlier what in the office and at home had to be separated, today, when the office is rather at home, many employees will have a problem with it. Work-life balance focuses on the division between the former and the latter. In contrast, the integration between work and private life focuses on the belief that there is no distinction between them and that the two must coexist in harmony. Instead of seeing work and personal time as separate entities, employees can compromise. In many Polish companies, the idea of work-life integration is still something new. However, as it turns out, there is absolutely nothing to fear – it is much easier to combine these two spheres than to separate them by force  - says Iwo Paliszewski, CEE Marketing & Employer Branding Manager.

Employer for a medal

The most frequently chosen argument in favor of the fact that a given organization has been rated as the Most Desirable Employer is the business stability of the company (71%). In the hierarchy of successively listed elements valued by candidates are: the possibility of professional development (68%), a friendly working environment (63%) and the offered salaries (58%).  For more than every third respondent, a clear and transparent HR policy and a high level of competence in the aspect of project management are valuable (both 34% of indications). The least respondents indicated opinions on the Internet and in the media (22%) as an argument in favor of being the Most Desirable Employer.

Employers should create an organizational culture in the company in such a way that the person who works in it is not only treated as a workforce, but as its citizen. If the work environment is not good or employees are not satisfied with their role in the company, this can be seen in their work and the content generated by this person on the web. The slogan "modernity" and following current market trends are also important. They will be significant for the employer's image in 2022. In addition, empathy, the growing importance of the social economy and putting people in the center of attention will count – comments Michał Borkowski, Sector Manager Antal, Finance & Accountancy. 

About the study

The Most Desirable Employers 2021 survey conducted in the second half of 2021 consisted of three modules: a survey among representatives of HR departments who applied for the survey, employee opinions and obtaining answers from specialists and managers active on the market who were not employed in the company. The survey involved 1864 specialists and 855 managers from all over the country, and 69 companies (HR representatives and employees) representing 10 industries.

Link: https://en.antal.pl/insights/report/the-most-desirable-employer-ranking-9th-edition


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