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Average salary in sales and marketing increased by almost 30%. Which specialists are most in demand?

According to the 11th edition of the Antal Salary Report, the average monthly salary in sales and marketing amounted to PLN 13,804 gross, which means an increase by 29% compared to last year. The most sought-after employees are recording unprecedented increases. 

 Sales are sensitive to the market situation - and the current turmoil, the war in Ukraine and economic challenges translate into an increasing risk of changing jobs. Potential candidates evaluate this risk, translating it into expectations that are much higher than before. 

Much higher expectations and much bigger increases 

Professionals and managers are particularly interested in increasing the level of the base salary to be comparable to the previous total salary. On the other hand, employers prefer to hire one very good candidate than two with less success. Therefore, there is a significant diversification of wages. 

Candidates' expectations in the area of sales and marketing increased by 20-30%. When implementing projects, recruiters mainly reach "passive" candidates who are not actively looking for new professional challenges. In this way, such people assess the risk of changing jobs. There are arguments related to economic and political uncertainty. In an uncertain market, it can be more difficult to achieve high sales volumes and therefore high commissions. This results in a more conservative approach of the candidates. The most sought-after employees are recording unprecedented increases. At the same time, the demographic decline with high demand determines a strong increase in wages in positions with little, even 3 years of experience - comments Maryla Aftanasiuk-Lisiecka, director of the team specializing in recruitment in the area of sales and marketing, Antal. 

Competence worth its weight in gold 

In recent years, the development of e-commerce has greatly accelerated. Due to the rapid advancement of online sales during the pandemic, companies urgently needed to adapt all online sales processes to a changing lifestyle. It required a huge amount of work, modification of systems, implementation of innovations that had been put aside for the time being and became a priority overnight. They needed, are and will be specialists who easily navigate in the digital world and understand its dependencies. 

E-commerce experts rely on their target audience knowledge and ability to quickly adapt to changes in the digital landscape to successfully carry out their daily tasks. The most requested competencies among these candidates are: understanding search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and how to create effective ads for different social media platforms based on their algorithms. Experience in using popular advertising platforms, the ability to think critically and find yourself in teamwork are also important - explains Maryla Aftanasiuk-Lisiecka, director of the team specializing in recruitment in the area of sales and marketing, Antal. 

The success of online sales depends on the work of many people with different competences. Therefore, next to e-commerce specialists, digital manager and traffic manager responsible for monitoring website traffic, there is a growing demand for SEM and SEO specialists. Their task is to properly configure the store in web browsers to ensure good visibility, high position and an influx of organic traffic. The position of a social media specialist is gaining importance, i.e. a person who informs, inter alia, in an additional communication channel about the store's offer. It is in social networking sites that the need to purchase a specific product is more and more often created. 

About the report 

The Antal 2022 Payroll Report was prepared on the basis of the payroll analysis carried out by 8,657 specialists and managers participating in Antal's recruitment processes in the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022. 

These data were verified and extended with information from recruitment processes carried out by Antal consultants in 2020, as well as telephone interviews with employers and candidates. 

Download report: https://antal.pl/wiedza/raport/raport-placowy-antal-2022 

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