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Every internet user, through their online activity, inadvertently shapes their virtual professional profile. This means that our actions on the internet, such as expressing our opinions on various online forums, publishing personal photos, or engaging in blogging, contribute to a certain image of ourselves in the virtual environment.

Employers and Social Media Platforms

An interesting statistic is that as many as 45% of employers declare that they use information available on social media platforms when selecting potential candidates. Research conducted by the well-known company Carter Builder confirms these data, indicating that precisely over 45% of business owners decide to take such actions. However, what is even more concerning is the fact that for 35% of them, controversial or unflattering information about potential candidates found on social media platforms is a sufficient reason to reject a given application.

Blogs and the Recruitment Process

It's also worth noting that private blogs, though they are a more personal form of expression, attract the attention of as many as 10% of professional recruiters looking for information about candidates.