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The competition for these graduates on the labor market will be fierce. It's worth studying

The economic downturn, also related to high inflation, meant that the national list of shortage professions, in which there will be a shortage of job candidates, has been shortened from 30 to 27 this year, according to the Occupational Barometer 2023. 

When looking for the best direction of education, it is worth taking into account not only your own interests, but also the demand on the labor market. Winter recruitment for universities is underway, so you can think about getting a new education. Antal experts have prepared tips for young people on the labor market who are looking for a profession of the future.  

On guard of network security - cybersecurity

Due to the growing threat posed by the use of new technologies, we observe a greater need for recruitment for positions such as: Cybersecurity Engineer; Cybersecurity Architect, Pentester, Cloud Security Engineer, DLP Engineer or Cyber Risk Analyst. The average salary of a cybersecurity specialist in Poland may vary depending on the level of experience, qualifications and location. According to data from 2022, cybersecurity specialists can earn from PLN 6,000 to PLN 12,000 gross per month at the beginning of their career, and specialists with many years of experience can earn up to PLN 20,000 gross per month. However, these figures may vary depending on the sector in which they work, location and specialization.

In 2023, with the upcoming layoff resulting from the economic crisis, the demand for IT specialists may match the supply. Certainly, this situation on the market will slow down recruitment processes, in addition, we will have a greater number of candidates for a given profile and the negotiating factors of remuneration may slightly shift in favor of the employer. The current market in Poland for IT specialists is still very good, and candidates are still attractive in terms of their skills and salary level - comments Karolina Giza, Team Leader Antal, IT Services.

The demand for programmers is endless

With the maximum growth of projects in the IT industry, there is a particularly increased demand for: programmers who know Java and .NET languages as well as DevOps. To become a programmer, you must first get the appropriate education or experience. This can be done not only by studying computer science or related fields at a university or polytechnic, but also by completing a specialized course or bootcamp or learning programming on your own by reading books and tutorials and writing code. It is also important to constantly develop and learn new technologies and programming languages.

On average, IT recruiters observed a 15 to 20% excess of demand over supply for programmers. At the beginning of the path of those who know languages such as Java or .NET or became DevOps engineers, the salary ranges from about PLN 5,000 gross to about PLN 11,000 gross . The average earnings in this profession, including experience, are about 12-15 thousand gross. It is also worth remembering that salaries in the IT industry, as in many others, are growing year by year - adds Anika Jabłońska, Senior Recruitment Consultant Antal, IT Services.

What sells online - Internet marketers 

Professions of the future also include e-commerce specialists, digital marketers or social media managers - there is still a demand for this type of competence, and candidates have several offers on the table. Digital marketers are responsible for raising brand awareness and generating leads through all digital channels - both free and paid, which is gaining importance year after year in a digitalized world. The role of an e-commerceer means responsibility for designing, implementing, optimizing and supervising all elements of the marketing strategy of companies operating in the network, including online stores. 

The marketing industry is based mainly on experience and skills. It is not necessary to have a major education, although it certainly helps at the beginning of the road in getting a better position, e.g. in a marketing agency. At the start of junior positions in the industry, the salary ranges from PLN 4,500 - 6,500 gross. On the other hand, Digital Managers with more experience earn on average PLN 10,000 - 20,000 gross, e-commerce specialists PLN 8 - 12,000 gross, and social media managers PLN 7 - 12,000 gross - adds Maryla Aftanasiuk - Lisiecka, Business Unit Director Antal, Sales & Marketing. 

Planning the company's financial liquidity - financial controller 

Financial controllers are responsible for advanced analysis of the company's financial situation and the risks it faces. They are direct advisors to CFOs on the adopted strategy. A person in this position is required to graduate from a university - preferably in a field related to economics. The average monthly salary at the beginning of this position is PLN 9,290 gross. Senior specialists and managers with more experience can receive remuneration from PLN 12,000 to PLN 20,000 gross. 

In difficult and uncertain economic conditions, cost optimization, financial planning and ensuring company security are crucial for every organization, and thus the demand for financial controllers is significantly growing. A person who would like to start a career in this position must know the financial law well and constantly develop - adds Michał Borkowski, Regional Manager Antal, Finance & Accountancy. 

The fight for a qualified engineer continues 

The developing professional groups in Poland also include engineers of renewable energy sources, biotechnologists and nanotechnologists. In some of these industries we are already dealing with shortages of employees, in others the fight for a qualified engineer is just beginning. The reason for such an increased demand for engineers is the development of the photovoltaic and wind energy sectors. The deficit of electricians, electromechanics and electricians is indicated in the report "Barometer of Professions 2022". 

The wind energy sector will certainly employ people. Investments in wind farms in the Baltic Sea require appropriate logistics, and thus specialized staff. Offshore specialists can also count on the highest earnings - engineers earn from 12 to 19 thousand. PLN gross, and managers - from 22 to 34 thousand. PLN gross. Therefore, it is worth thinking about studies such as: environmental engineering, thermal energy, offshore wind energy, risk management in the offshore mining industry and wind energy - comments Aleksandra Kurasiewicz, Senior Client & Team Manager Antal, Engineering & Operations. 

Mechatronics, automation and robotics 

The development of Industry 4.0, which concerns not only technology, but also new ways of working and the role of people in industry, has generated a great demand for engineers specializing in mechatronics, automation and robotics. In their work, they focus on building and developing machine systems, characterized by independence and automation of the processes carried out. In addition to robotic workstations, there are also other research and development activities that contribute to the improvement and optimization of production processes. 

The work of mechatronics, automation and robotics engineers is an extremely responsible job. In addition, it is ideal for those who do not like to sit still, as it is associated with business trips, e.g. to cooperating plants (domestic and foreign). Apart from completing recommended studies in such fields as: mechatronics, mechatronic engineering (IMiR), electrical engineering, electronics, mechanics, robotics, automatics, it is also worth having the ability to think abstractly in mathematical terms. This means not only the ability to count efficiently, but mainly to create mathematical models of designed objects. At the beginning of their career, the salary of mechatronics, automation and robotics engineers can range from PLN 5,000 to PLN 7,000. PLN gross. However, with five years of experience, these earnings can amount to PLN 9,000 - 13,000. PLN gross – adds Marieta Brzykcy, Team Leader Antal, Engineering & Operations. 

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