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What are the benefits of the RPO service?

As many as 73% of specialists and managers state that their company has not used the RPO service. This is the result of the Antal report "Recruitment trends". What can an employer benefit from using the service of outsourcing recruitment processes? Is it possible to adapt cooperation with an external recruitment partner to my own needs?

With the current increase in interest in changing employment by specialists and managers on the market, it is worth knowing the best methods of reaching potential candidates. It is therefore worth knowing what opportunities the use of RPO services brings.

RPO - why is it worth trying?

If an organization wants to speed up recruitment activities and hiring phases, it should consider a recruitment partner that offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). It is a form of business process outsourcing. It consists in commissioning all or selected recruitment processes by the client to be performed by an external company.

Currently, the recruitment environment is quite complex. To effectively recruit the best talent, you need to navigate the job market properly - become proficient with the right set of technologies and manage and control candidates and recruitment managers. RPO providers are experts in their field - talent acquisition is their core competency. They know how to navigate the recruitment environment, stay up to date with the latest recruitment technology, and have the resources to scale recruiting capacity to meet employment requirements,” comments Krzysztof Korpas, Associate Consultant Antal, SSC/BPO.

Depending on what an organization is looking for, an RPO solution can deliver a number of benefits, including: managing recruiting fluctuation throughout the year, reducing overall recruiting costs and dependency on recruiting agencies, greater satisfaction for recruiting managers, improving the candidate experience, simplifying or streamlining the recruitment process and saving time for other duties.

Features of an ideal... RPO partner

Recruitment in the RPO model is undoubtedly a great convenience for the client. It solves problems in many areas of recruitment, but not only. This difficult process requires the right design partner. Lead recruiter, on-site recruiter, RPO Project manager, the role in running the RPO project will be the same - project coordination and making sure that the process is going in the right direction while meeting the KPIs agreed with the client.

The ideal” RPO partner is distinguished above all by readiness for challenges, flexibility, initiative and a set of appropriate skills that go hand in hand with knowledge. The RPO consultant becomes part of the company for which he works, after all, he is in a sense an extension of the internal HR of a given client. That is why flexibility in the approach to the process is so important, as well as the acquisition and implementation of knowledge and appropriate recruitment standards. Only then can the client freely trust the recruiter. The initiative that customers often need is also important. A good RPO Partner is a person who sees room for improvement and introduces them in such a way that recruitment is much easier and faster - explains Gabriela Wcześniak, Consultant Antal, Banking & Insurance.

How to guarantee yourself success?

In order to guarantee success during the recruitment process in the RPO model, regardless of what it will be, there are certain factors that are universal and necessary to achieve such success.

1. Communication - this is the basis of any cooperation and the ROP project is no exception. Well-structured communication is the key to a fast, clear and smooth flow of information, which is crucial during RPO due to the numerous final deadlines.

2. When we have "communication arranged", it is worth giving yourself clear and honest feedback. Regular meetings, kick-off meetings and "121" during which we learn about the expectations of Hiring Managers, the company or the entire business. The word cyclic is key here. Regular meetings and exchanges of opinions allow the ROP consultants to determine whether they are heading in the right direction and, if necessary, point them in the right direction. It is also a great time to exchange opinions, ideas and introduce improvements

3. The client's internal procedures - this factor depends more on the client than the consultant's RPO. An example is the process of "approval" of offers, this is often a contentious issue that takes a long time, which prolongs recruitment. However, this does not have to be the case, the RPO Consultant's task is to make it easier for the company to make the quickest and best decision, while the client must focus on making the offer to the candidate as soon as possible. Both parties, with proper cooperation and the factors listed above (feedback and communication), can shorten the entire process and avoid a situation in which the candidate disappears from the market because he received another offer with a shorter time

4. The atmosphere of support and partnership - this is a very important success factor in any interpersonal relationship, which is undoubtedly the ROP project. No one is perfect and everyone has the right to make mistakes and have a bad day at work. When you have a common goal and are treated as partners, it is much easier to achieve the assumed results. The RPO project is in fact a cooperation between a company and a company, in which representatives join efforts to achieve such a goal. In the right atmosphere focused on partnership, nothing is impossible.

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