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Can recruitment processes be simplified to the bare minimum? Can you customize your cooperation with an external recruitment partner? If you're looking for a way to fill staffing gaps in the recruitment process use RPO. 

Imagine a company that is preparing to implement a very large project. At this stage, it does not yet have the right staff to adequately handle it. Considering the need to supply the company with the best possible specialists in a short period of time, they can see that the HR department they currently have will not be physically able to cope with such a large challenge. It is Recruitment Process Outsourcing that comes to the rescue. Antal's dedicated team will use their own tools and recruiters' experience in meeting the organization's needs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing at Antal allows a company's staffing needs to be realized more simply, quickly and cost-effectively. Antal’s Clients have the opportunity to adjust the terms of cooperation to their current needs; flexibility is a very significant advantage of RPO.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Antal - our cooperation models

Recruitment Outsourcing with Antal can be carried out in three specific models:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (project-based) is a solution for companies that need to recruit a large staff of specialists of the middle and senior level employees (but not only!). The project is carried out by Antal consultants whose expertise matches the industry in which the employees will be sought. The project approach to cooperation in the RPO model will work great if, for example, the company is growing very quickly and it is important to recruit the best possible employees in a short time. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a great way to do this. 
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (programmatic) involves the recruitment of employees from one sector and is a form of permanent cooperation. Antal specialists support the Client's HR departments on a long-term basis. Programmatic outsourcing works well for positions with high turnover.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (holistic); in this model we take over everything starting from processes to the recruitment of new employees to the company. This model of cooperation is a good solution when the HR department is too small to handle the recruitment processes for many teams in the company on its own. The Client's HR department then gains full support from Antal in building and improving structures. 

Each model of cooperation is tailored to a specific task and partner, because we focus on flexible forms of relationships with Clients tailored to the current recruitment needs of the company.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing - why is it worth it?

Over many years of our experience with Clients of various sizes from numerous industries, we have seen firsthand the many advantages of the RPO model. It can be argued that the specific values that Recruitment Process Outsourcing brings are strongly individualized - nevertheless, it is possible to point out some common advantages that all our Clients recognize. Why is RPO so attractive?

High efficiency of outsourced recruitment processes. The company hands over the tasks from this area to Antal, a partner that has the right knowledge, candidate base, tools and internal procedures: this makes reaching the best candidate simpler and faster - and therefore: cheaper. 

Recruiter’s knowledge guarantee. For each process, we select a qualified recruiter with expertise in similar recruitments. An Antal partner can be sure that the person responsible for contacting candidates is able to conduct interviews while understanding the specifics of a given market.

Unlimited access to expertise. Recruiters at Antal are well prepared for each process and excel at project management - from utilizing internal bases to effectively closing a recruitment.

Excellent impact on employer branding. Professional, well-prepared recruiters concurrently ensure that the image of the company for which they are recruiting is the best possible. We pay special attention to the candidate experience with attractive recruitment materials and care about building a partnership candidate-recruiter relationship.

Constant insight into the status of projects, the course of recruitment processes. Transferring recruitment processes under Antal's wings does not mean losing control over them. On the contrary - we guarantee full transparency of all activities. Antal has a culture of partnership with the Client; specialists delegated to the project report on the progress of work on an ongoing basis and are in constant contact with the Client.

Antal’s RPO is the solution for you - check us out

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a way to save time, money, resources without worrying about the success of recruitment projects or staff shortages. Searching for the best candidate on the market is a demanding process, but at Antal we handle such challenges perfectly - regardless of the industry in which we recruit. Tell us about your needs - we'll tell you what we can do for your company. Feel free to contact us!

Benefits of cooperation in the RPO model

  • By working with an experienced recruiter, you will achieve process optimization. Not only will you get access to a greater number of specialists on the market, but you will also get advice, administrative support and assistance in all HR processes for your individual needs, and boost the chance of completing the project within the specified time frame and budget.
  • We know how important it is to build relationships and be responsive to business needs. The business model offered by Antal allows you to achieve both of these goals. In addition, it is characterized by higher efficiency in matching candidates to the organization and position requirements.
  • The RPO recruitment model will also allow you to reduce the costs of hiring. Retaining a recruiter or an entire team will save you: 

- costs associated with recruiting,

- back-office costs related to hiring (HR, IT, accounting),

- advertising campaigns,

- advertising costs,

- software,

- space rental.

  • A subscription for our services in the form of a fixed monthly payment also means that you will pay less to hire an employee (depending on the contract).
  • Thanks to the delegated consultant's expertise, market knowledge, specialization and access to a broad candidate base and networking connections, you can effectively reduce the time it takes to close a recruitment process by reaching out to passive candidates in the market faster and more effectively.
  • One of the pillars of a well-functioning and effective recruitment process is a detailed recruitment strategy that holistically describes and arranges all stages of your company's recruitment processes. The solutions it comprises are tailored to the specificity of the project and take into account: the level of positions, the budget, the priority of the process, as well as the scale and scope of the recruitments. The RPO solution offered by Antal is a complete product that includes support in planning the entire recruitment process, creating competency profiles, candidate selection and, finally, recruitment. The comprehensive strategic approach is complemented by a wide range of competencies of the on-site recruiter, which allows to rapidly respond to the changing needs of the organization or the market. This allows you to adjust your recruitment strategy „on the fly".
  • When working together in the RPO model, you can monitor the progress of your recruitment processes on an ongoing basis using a series of KPIs measured on a daily basis to decide which of them work best for your organization. We know that a good information flow is the key to success, which is why we rely on transparent reporting with all or several of the KPIs: Time to hire; Cost per hire, Number of hires, Interview to offer ratio, Source of hire, Offer to acceptance ratio, Number of applications, Employee referrals to hire ratio, Sourcing channel efficiency, Interviews to hire, Offer acceptance rate (OAR), Submit to interview ratio, Applicants per opening, Candidate job satisfaction, Recruitment funnel effectiveness, Hiring manager satisfaction, Candidate job satisfaction.

When to use RPO:

  • 1Volume recruitment - a large number of employees to be hired in a short period of time or increased hiring needs, e.g., due to planned process transitions.
  • Small HR department – a too high workload considering the number of specialists to be hired, and also, lack of go-ahead or funds for an additional in-house recruiter with the company.
  • Temporarily increased demand for employees with specific competencies, and too many simultaneously open recruitments.
  • Introduction of a new brand to the market - plans to open a new SSC in Poland, the need to build brand awareness among candidates or an entire recruitment strategy and a complex hiring process.
  • High employee turnover - the result of cooperation in the RPO model is, among other things, a good match between the candidate and the position and role in the organization, which translates into lower employee turnover.
  • Assistance and subject-matter support, decision-making and coordination; joint identification of needs and joint planning of activities to meet them, as well as ignorance in the field of local labor laws, for example, when a foreign company enters the Polish market.
  • Expanding the candidate base - when the flow of candidates for the open roles in your organization is too low – the one generated with the assistance of our on-site recruiters, who will help you to reach out to passive candidates in the labor market using the active search.

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Sebastian Sala Business Unit Director, SSC/BPO, Banking & Insurance, ReX Recruitment Exchange

Graduated the Warsaw School of Economics in the field of Management, specialization: Enterprise Management and Human Resources Management. After 8 years in managerial positions in the banking sector, he joined the Antal team. Currently, he is responsible for recruitment processes, HR analysis and consulting as well as business development in the following industries: SSC/BPO, Finance, HR & Legal and Banking & Insurance. Enthusiast of digitalization of recruitment projects. Responsible for running and developing the largest crowdstaffing platform for independent recruiters in Poland: ReX - Recruitment Exchange. Industry expertise and a rich portfolio of completed projects allow us to present specific business solutions to clients that bring significant changes and measurable effects, e.g. as part of services such as RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Permanent Recruitment and Outsourcing.