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Why is flexible IT Contracting something your company might need?

The diversity of the market expects us to be flexible. We offer IT Contracting, a project-based form of cooperation with a defined duration, to customers needing fast business solutions.

Contracting makes it possible to quickly support a company's IT department with project-essential competencies or a comprehensive team of specialists without the need to start internal recruitment procedures. Our consultants from the Antal IT Services division have a database of several hundred permanent contractors and find qualified candidates daily who establish timely cooperation with the client.

Why is flexible IT Contracting something your company might need?

Only some companies have a strong pool of IT professionals because of previous needs that did not involve expansion into e-commerce or related sectors. However, there comes a time when this type of company considers whether it is a good time to recruit IT staff to support its digital operations - whether that is ultimately sales, project delivery or just brand representation support. Recruiting IT professionals is always tricky, and the key to success is to select the best candidates in the market who will be the right fit for any tasks arising from the company's needs.

Hence, at Antal, we offer flexible IT Contracting, which involves project collaboration with the client - taking into account time, budget and target needs. The client entrusts us with finding suitable candidates and all the processes - and these candidates will work as contractors, with the option of employment - if our clients decide to have them in their staff structures permanently. That is a highly convenient and efficient way of generating vital IT support in any company. Understanding its client's needs, Antal has developed a model that has worked for many businesses over the years.

The benefits of Contracting IT at Antal

  • Increased chance of completing the project within the specified time and budget without increasing headcount.
  • Lower back-office costs associated with hiring (Accounting, HR, IT, etc.).
  • Recruitment and selection of candidates by consultants specialised in the sector.
  • Employment flexibility during transitional periods, the implementation phase of new systems, or the automation of processes.Recruitment of experts in a chosen field for a specific period with a flexible form of employment.
  • Reduction in the cost of recruitment.

The Try&Hire service is a hybrid of classic contracting and recruitment, making it possible to extend cooperation after the completion of the contracted project. In addition to the benefits of classic contracting, this solution makes it possible to verify an employee's competencies in practice before deciding to establish permanent cooperation.

A good service can be convincing by itself. Do your company need necessary IT support, but do you want to do it in a flexible form? Antal has a service for you that will suit your needs. Get in touch with us!

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