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Outsourcing at Antal allows clients to outsource their business processes to an experienced organization in a customized scope. The outsourcing service is provided in all key business areas, i.e. IT, HR, SSC/BPO, Banking & Insurance, HR & Admin, Engineering & Operations, Sales & Marketing and the services have been provided by the company since 2013. Antal has several hundred experts interested in participating in various projects, as well as a dedicated Contractor Care team to support the ongoing processes. The key outsourcing models supported at Antal are contracting and managed services.

Outsourcing models at Antal

  • Contracting - Antal makes available selected specialists and managers (body leasing) or whole teams (team leasing) composed of them to implement services, processes or process fragments for the Client. The Client freely manages their activities and sets project goals. In the case of making an entire team available. Antal can offer a guarantee of continuity of work or the provision of a certain minimum number of hours for the whole project and also take care of the proper deployment of functions within this team (we also provide managers or product owners). Billing is always based on the time and materials model.
  • Managed Services - Antal takes over from the Client the realization of the effect of a given process. Settlement for the services provided is always based on the implementation of an SLA (Service Level Agreement), which defines the agreements on the level and terms of services provided.

Why is it worth using outsourcing services at Antal?

We operate nationally and internationally, with an awareness and understanding of local cultural differences. Antal consultants have maintained a flexible, agile and personal approach that allows us to provide customized solutions for your business, whether you are a start-up, SME or global corporation. Our actions prove that we are recruitment experts you can trust.

  • 160 CEE Recruiters,
  • 450+ Contractors on site,
  • Established contract service standards and Contractor Care team,
  • 150 000 professionals and managers in the database,
  • Short turnaround times,
  • Flexible cooperation models,
  • Ability to locate a contractor at Antal's headquarters,
  • Knowledge support is provided through Antal's specialized Market ResearchEmployer Branding and Recruitment Marketing departments.
The implementation of the outsourcing model can be supported on our part with advice on adapting the appropriate forms of cooperation to the envisaged tasks. An example may be the transition of resources from UoP to B2B. Such a process carries a number of benefits for the company handing over resources, resulting in greater flexibility and operational efficiency related to the Core Business of its operations.

Selected benefits for the client

  • Month-by-month cost invoice - advantageous and simplified accounting model,
  • Postponed payment terms,
  • Transfer of personnel management in the areas of HR, payroll and benefits to the supplier,
  • Simplified termination model - shorter terms, no severance pay,
  • No PPK costs,
  • Recruitment and selection performed by the service provider,
  • Induction & onboarding processes implemented by the service provider,
  • Communication with resources transferred to the service provider,
  • No cost of medical examinations,
  • There are no costs for health and safety examinations,
  • Reduced sickness absence, resulting in higher efficiency (less absenteeism in B2B model),
  • Reduced staff turnover, resulting in higher efficiency and lower costs.

Dominik Kalinowski - Head of Outsourcing - Antal

Dominik Kalinowski

Head of Outsourcing

One of Antal's areas of very dynamic growth is its outsourcing service. We already employ more than 500 contractors performing services for our Antal clients. Our goal for the coming years is further dynamic growth in this area.

Examples of our positions and project realizations:


We can provide standalone development teams with team leader, tester and scrum master, in addition to delivering contractors for positions:

  • Dewelopers: Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, QA (junior to tech lead) in technologies: Java, Node, PHP, .NET, Angular, React, Vue, Android, iOS.
  • Managers: IT Manager, IT Team Leader, Project Manager, Product Owner.
  • Other: Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, UX, UI, DevOps, Security, Cybersecurity, Support, SAP.

See the list of our contractors available now!


We can provide entire accounting teams with complete job structure, in addition to delivering contractors for positions:

  • Księgowe: AP, AR, GL, Tax Accountants, FP&A, Financial Controlling. 
  • HR: Recruitment, HR Generalist, Payroll, Legal.
  • Logistic: Supply Chain: Order Management, Purchasing, Business Analysts. 
  • Customer Service: IT Help Desk, Sales Specialist, SAP Specialist.  

Engineering & Operations

We can provide a complete R&D team, in addition to delivering contractors for the positions of:

  • Process Engineer / Head of Engineering.
  • Engineer Technologist / Head of Technology Department / Head of R&D Department.
  • Production Engineer / Production Department Leader, Production Manager / Production Director.
  • Health and Safety Specialist / Health and Safety Manager.
  • Direct / Indirect Purchasing Specialist / Head of Purchasing Department.
  • Quality Engineer / Quality Manager / Quality Director.
  • UR Engineer / Maintenance Manager / Technical Director.
  • Lead Engineer / Manager.
  • Logistics Specialist / Manager / Manager.
  • Warehouse Manager.
  • Operations Director.
  • Plant Manager.

Sales & Marketing

We can provide the entire sales department or call centre staffing, in addition to delivering contractors for positions:

  • Brand Manager,
  • Portfolio Manager,
  • Digital Manager,
  • E-commerce Key Account Manager,
  • E-commerce Head,
  • Channel Distribution Head,
  • Sales Director,
  • Category Development Manager,
  • Activation Execution Manager,
  • Customer Insights Manager,
  • Revenue Manager.

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Dominik Kalinowski photo
Dominik Kalinowski Head of Outsourcing

At Antal, Dominik is responsible for the development and implementation of processes, procedures and sales policy regarding the Outsourcing service and for activities related to managing contractors. He has many years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and project management (including outsourcing project management) gained in international organizations in the HR services industry. He successfully implemented product launch strategies and conducted promotional activities to support sales.