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Antal – Flexible Contracting

The diversity of the market forces companies to become flexible. Contracting, i.e. fixed-term, project-based forms of cooperation, is aimed at clients who require swift business solutions.

Our IT Services specialists source qualified candidates who enter into fixed-term contracts with our clients. Contracting allows you to quickly augment your IT department with additional competences or entire teams of specialists while bypassing the organization's internal recruitment procedures.

The Try&Hire service is a combination of contracting and traditional recruiting as it allows clients to retain contracting employees after their fixed-term contracts expire. In addition to all of the benefits of Contracting, the above solutions allows you to verify candidate skills in practice before you make final hiring decisions.

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Fabian Pietras photo
Fabian Pietras Business Unit Manager Antal IT Services

Fabian joined Antal in November of 2010 starting out his career as a consultant with the Engineering and Operations team. At the beginning he handled the energy sector, and then moved on to the construction and transport, freight forwarding and logistics sectors. In 2015, he was transferred to Hungary to oversee the growth of Antal's subsidiary Enloyd. Fabian returned to Poland in 2016 and was tasked with supervising the development of Antal's Logistics & Construction divisions and the company's Gdańsk branch. Currently, he is a manager in the IT Services division in charge of the growth of IT Permanent Placement and IT Contracting functions in the EMEA region.

He graduated from the Energy and Fuel faculty of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and earned a HR BP postgraduate degree from Kozminski University. He also completed the year-long Silesianum Professional course in industry management at Institut Catholiques d'Arts et Métiers.