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How is the labor market changing in a pandemic? XIII European Economic Congress with the participation of Antal experts

On September 20-22, the XIII European Economic Congress was held in Katowice, at which Antal was present, among others as a partner of the Labor Market thematic session. The event gathered 9 thousand. participants, including 5.7 thous. attended stationary and the rest online. Over the course of three days, 100 debates were held. Antal experts took part in two sessions. Artur Skiba, President of Antal, participated in the Labor Market debate, and Sebastian Sala, Antal SSC / BPO Division Director, participated in the BPO session of shared services centers.

Impact of the Pandemic on the Job Market: Latest Research from Antal

During the most recent session dedicated to the job market, experts presented the latest findings regarding changes in the employment sector in the context of the global pandemic. The results of studies conducted by Antal indicate an evolution in the field of management and employee monitoring.

Pandemic and Remote Work: New Monitoring Standards

The changing work conditions, particularly the rise in popularity of remote work due to the pandemic, have prompted a reconsideration of employee oversight strategies. As Antal's research suggests, managers and employers have begun to adjust their methods of assessing employee efficiency.

More Mature Forms of Employee Oversight in the New Reality

Artur Skiba, CEO of Antal, emphasized that methods of controlling employees during the pandemic and remote work era have become more mature. It's not just about monitoring employee actions in real-time, but primarily about assessing the final results of their work.

Focus on Results, Not Actions

In the past, employers might have concentrated on observing what employees were doing during the workday. Currently, in the era of remote work, there's a greater emphasis on what exactly is achieved. Efficiency, quality, and results have become the key indicators for employee evaluation.

BPO Session: Shared Services Centers in the New Reality

During the session dedicated to shared services centers (BPO), the crucial topic was the adaptation to the changing work conditions and employee expectations in the context of contemporary challenges.

Sebastian Sala on Flexibility in Management

Sebastian Sala, Director of the Antal SSC/BPO division, emphasized the necessity for a flexible approach to human resources management. He highlighted how pivotal, in today's work environment, is the employers' ability to adapt to the needs and expectations of their team.

Hybrid Work - The Key to Attracting Talent

In light of research conducted by Antal company, it's evident that modern employees are increasingly expecting the possibility of hybrid work from their prospective employers. For many of them, it's not just a matter of comfort but also a decisive factor when choosing a new place of employment.

Recruitment Decisions in the Hybrid Era

The contemporary job market is witnessing a revolution in terms of employee expectations and preferences. As Sala emphasizes, employers wanting to attract top talents must recognize the growing importance of flexibility in work organization, offering hybrid models or other forms tailored to the individual needs of employees.