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HR specialists, administration or lawyers? Which group can count on the highest salary?

According to the 11th edition of the Antal Salary Report, the average monthly remuneration of specialists and managers from the HR industry amounted to PLN 12,524 gross, which means an increase of 22% compared to the previous edition of the report. The salaries of administration representatives increased by 28% compared to the previous edition of the Antal report - their average salary offered was PLN 7,925 gross. On the other hand, the average remuneration offered in Poland to experienced and specialized lawyers from law firms and companies amounts to PLN 13,068. It is 3% higher than that of the previous 2020 wage survey.

The dynamic labor market translates into a growing demand for HR experts, which results in higher rates on the market. On the other hand, although specialists and managers from the administration industry are still the lowest-paid group from those mentioned in the survey, their expectations are also higher and higher.

Recruited Recruiters

The results of the Antal Salary Report confirmed the growing importance of additional bonuses and bonuses for employees. This influences the development of teams of people involved in the creation of remuneration systems and new incentive systems.

In the HR sector, the group for which this year is by far the greatest demand are recruitment specialists. Already a recruiter with 2-3 years of experience receives several inquiries a week about being open to change (most often via LinkedIn). Most companies, regardless of the industry, had or have an open vacancy for a medium-level or more experienced recruiter. This demand affects the huge number of job offers, which in turn translates into higher salaries offered to candidates. For example, for the position of a senior recruiter, the salary can reach up to PLN 12,000 gross. What skills does the most desired candidate have? We can certainly mention: knowledge of the English language at a very good level and the ability to independently conduct recruitment processes from A to Z - comments Joanna Cieślik, senior consultant, Antal HR & Admin.

New challenges and new needs

In 2022, the high demand for positions in the HR sector is observed more broadly - this also applies to talent acquisition specialists - i.e. talent acquisition. Undoubtedly, the search for new ways of reaching candidates has become one of the greatest challenges for HR departments in organizations. Another group of employees, also highly desirable on the market today, are specialists related to "hard" HR. In the era of transformation and changes in the remuneration policy and restructuring processes, especially the function of a remuneration and benefit specialist or HR analysis specialist has gained in importance.

When deciding to improve processes or implement new systems, companies are looking for employees with fluent knowledge of MS Excel, the rules of calculating wages, labor law and knowledge of job evaluation. In an international work environment, of course, English is essential at a level that allows easy communication with employees. Earnings in the area of ​​remuneration and benefit analyzes are relatively high on the market. People with several years of experience earn up to PLN 15,000 gross per month - says Joanna Cieślik, senior consultant, Antal HR & Admin.

Another desirable role is also the human resources coordinator. This year, many organizations focused on expanding the HR team or creating this area from scratch. Not only experience in process management, but also managerial experience, is extremely valuable in this field. Being an advisor to the management board, a partner for colleagues, a listening and empathetic manager, building trust in the times of globally widespread remote / hybrid work - these are the competences desired in a person managing an employee's affairs.

Lawyers cannot complain about the lack of offers

As far as the legal sector is concerned, both increases and slowdowns in wages were recorded, depending on the specialization, which translated into a relatively small increase in average wages.

The wage growth dynamics is not that high also due to the increases recorded in previous years. Lawyers specializing in such areas as taxes and labor law benefited the most. Experts in the field of M&A or legal disputes invariably cannot complain about the lack of offers. More and more companies decide to hire a lawyer within the organization. The salaries of legal trainees, assistants and junior lawyers are growing the fastest - says Michał Borkowski, region manager, Antal Finance & Accountancy.

About the report

The Antal 2022 Payroll Report was prepared on the basis of the payroll analysis carried out by 8,657 specialists and managers participating in Antal's recruitment processes in the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022.

These data were verified and extended with information from recruitment processes carried out by Antal consultants in 2020, as well as telephone interviews with employers and candidates.

Download report: https://en.antal.pl/insights/report/antal-salary-report-2022

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