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Make recruitment simple again: tradition vs. crowdstaffing

Karolina Korzeniewska
Karolina Korzeniewska REX Project Manager

Your next invoice for the last recruitment remains unpaid. You can't break through with your offer to companies, brands and people with whom you really want to cooperate. Each new client wants to renegotiate a multi-page contract and is waiting for the dream candidates "for yesterday". Does this have to be the daily routine of a recruiter? Well… no!

More and more HR professionals and freelance recruiters choose crowdstaffing. How does it work and is it a win-win-win situation for all three recruiting sites?

Traditional recruitment through the eyes of recruiters

Let's start from the beginning. In the traditional freelance recruiter work model, you have to worry about everything. Not only about recruiting. Law, accounting, business operations, negotiations with clients, personal branding, obtaining leads and orders. For this CV collection, recruitment interviews, analysis and reporting. The list goes on and on. You pay for tools and trainings, develop your business, build a portfolio, and the problems are still piling up.

It turns out that in 2022 you can let go of some of these tasks. Crowdstaffing and dedicated crowdstaffing platforms created for this purpose come to the aid of freelance recruiters.

Is crowdstaffing a cure for recruiters' pains?

Crowdstaffing is a recruitment method in which a crowd of recruiters uses their online and offline contacts, connections, tools and resources to find appropriate staffing specialists for a specific job in the shortest possible time. All of this is happening with the help of technology and crowdstaffing platforms. There you receive new tasks and projects, and finally dedicated project managers take care of formalities and obtaining orders.

One of the largest such platforms in Poland is ReX - a Polish marketplace associating recruiters and freelancers, created by Antal.

Why more and more recruiters choose crowdstaffing instead of typical freelancing and traditional recruitment methods?

5 reasons why recruiters prefer crowdstaffing to traditional recruiting

Guarantee of orders and settlements

Unpaid invoices for the services of a recruiter or any other freelancer - which microentrepreneur has not experienced it at least once? End of it. Crowdstaffing gives you financial security. You settle accounts directly with the platform for completed recruitments, its employees then enforce the settlement with the client. The platform provides you with orders and billing - simple.

An independent personal brand of a recruiter under the banner of a crowdstaffing platform

You no longer need to build profiles in all possible social media, run a blog and record tiktoks to get orders. If you build a strong position of an expert-specialist on the platform in the recruitment process in a given industry, you do not have to worry about the next months and subsequent orders. These will come on their own based on recommendations and positive reviews, and you, as a recruiter, can deal with what you know best and what you really like to do.

Access to the recruiting community

Every entrepreneur suffers from loneliness. It is no different with freelance recruiters. They have no one to discuss the problems they encounter in their daily sourcing reality. Thanks to crowdstaffing platforms (such as ReX) you gain access to the community of the most active and engaged recruiters. You can get knowledge, inspiration and experience from the market from them, as well as gain access to attractive training courses.

Less paperwork - legal and administrative support

Do you remember how much time you "waste" on formalities, finalizing contracts or "pushing" with the client's lawyers? You can finally take this burden off your shoulders. On crowdstaffing platforms, not only there is the project manager responsible for all settlements and formalities, but you can also count on the support of lawyers, accountants and tax advisors experienced in the HR industry.

Work for top brands that unavailable for freelancers

In addition, from the level of a freelance recruiter, it is very difficult to get on the list of suppliers of the largest corporations and "reach" decision makers in HR departments. On the platform created by Antal, you can choose orders from top brands. From the very first moments after registering on ReX, you can build your recruiting portfolio on really strong recruitment projects.

Tradition vs. crowdstaffing in the eyes of recruiters - summary

HR specialists encounter higher and higher barriers - higher KPIs, more recruitment, shorter deadlines, more projects. All this makes the market and the HR industry consolidate on crowdstaffing platforms.

Thanks to them, the HR department has a sense of security, more time for internal processes, and reduces recruitment costs. Freelancers can work with the largest brands without worrying about settlements and formalities. Potential candidates meet during recruitment interviews with specialized experts and quickly receive specific feedback. All three sides emerge victorious from this.

That's why crowdstaffing wins over traditional recruiting. Everything indicates that this trend will continue in the coming years. If you do not want to miss this revolution, register for free on the ReX platform now and join the community of top recruiters!

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