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These specialists in the pharmaceutical industry are most in demand. Who can count on the highest salary?

According to the 11th edition of the Antal Salary Report, the average monthly salary among specialists and managers in the pharmaceutical industry amounted to PLN 13,572 gross, which means an increase of 12% compared to the previous edition of the report. Experts in this industry are, on average, among the best remunerated employees on the market. 

At the turn of 2020 and 2021, major transformations and job cuts in the pharmaceutical industry took place. Currently, a talented candidate can choose between offers. The key area remains the area related to the dynamically developing digitization and development of competences in modern channels of reaching the customer. 

Experts are worth their weight in gold 

The pharmaceutical industry, according to the OECD classification, is one of the three most innovative sectors of the economy. The last year was characterized by an increase in the interest of candidates in the field of internet marketing. We are talking about roles related to digital marketing, e-commerce or multichannel. Increased interest and intensification of needs occurred not only in the OTC drugs or dietary supplements business channel, but especially in the portfolio of prescription drugs. Limitations in contact with the client related to the pandemic forced the industry to adopt modern approaches in communication. 

The most desirable candidates are people who already have experience in a similar position, know the industry well and understand the needs of the market. It is important that there are restrictions due to pharmaceutical law, which is why it is so important for companies to employ a candidate who has already worked in competing companies. There are still few people willing with such unique competences, in the indicated portfolio and measurable successes on their account on the market - says Marta Lebuda, manager specializing in recruitment to the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, Antal Sales & Marketing.

Candidates working in medical departments are very popular. There was a considerable demand for employees involved in the preparation of documents necessary to start and then finalize the drug registration procedure. 

Registration plays a key role in the company, because people in positions such as regulatory affairs specialist / manager are responsible for the timely submission of documentation and the selection of appropriate procedures for the registration of a medicinal product in a given country. To a large extent, the growth of the development of the product portfolio outside the local market plays a key role, which is why people with experience in international procedures not only in the European Union are desirable - adds Marta Lebuda, manager specializing in recruitment for the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, Antal Sales & Marketing.

The increase in recruitment processes and a lot of interest could be noticed also in other positions in the medical department, which is responsible for all medical aspects of the organization. These are positions such as: 

  • Medical Manager, 
  • Medical Advisor, 
  • Medical Science Liaison. 

Medical Manager / Advisor participates in the creation of a medical strategy, co-creation and acceptance of educational and promotional materials. Until now, companies were focused on people with strictly medical education and experience in the indicated therapeutic area to which a given recruitment process relates. Nevertheless, due to the large niche on the market, it has been possible for a long time to notice increased flexibility of employers as to the requirements regarding the candidate's profile. However, they still have to be people who understand very well and will be able to educate internal and external stakeholders of the company from the medical point of view. 

The development of technology equals the development of positions 

The changes that can be observed recently - the increasing use of modern technologies, modifications to the health care system or the development of innovative therapies - require the forms to adapt to market needs more closely. In the medical equipment industry, the roles of application specialists have aroused considerable interest in the last year. Most often, these were newly created positions in the structure, which meant that employers would most likely see people already experienced in a similar position. Nevertheless, the market and the expectations of candidates have significantly increased the flexibility in terms of the competences sought and may interest people who worked on the laboratory side and would like to develop in the sales structures with interesting offers. The key aspect is professional education: medical analyst, medicine or related and knowledge of English due to foreign training or communication within the company. 

Pharmaceutical companies, despite the high awareness that the Internet has become the main source of information, are a bit lagging behind when it comes to using digital solutions. Therefore, in the recent period, there has been a clear increase in interest in professionals in the field of digital solutions. They are looking for people who already have experience in this area and understand well the needs of the consumer. Candidates with such unique experience and the current market interest, on average, receive 2-3 offers per month. The geopolitical situation, rising inflation and favorable market interest mean that we can observe an increase in financial expectations for individual positions - comments Marta Lebuda, manager specializing in recruitment to the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, Antal Sales & Marketing.

About the report

The Antal 2022 Salary Report was prepared on the basis of the payroll analysis carried out by 8657 specialists and managers participating in Antal's recruitment processes in the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022.

These data were verified and extended with information from recruitment processes carried out by Antal consultants in 2020, as well as telephone interviews with employers and candidates.

Download report: https://antal.pl/wiedza/raport/raport-placowy-antal-2022

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