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What makes the Polish IT industry soar on the international market?

Even four-digit increases. With an average gross result of PLN 18,843, they are - apart from the management staff - the best-paid employees in Poland. IT specialists and managers are the most desired, not only by Polish but also foreign employers. Antal has prepared a report "Why it is worth to invest in IT in Poland",whose patron is PAIH, to answer the most frequently asked questions related to the specificity of investments in Poland and advise on what to pay attention to in order for the investment to proceed according to the planned schedule. 

More and more foreign remote job offers reach Polish IT specialists. Different time zones are, of course, a challenge, but there are plenty of people willing to talk. Along with the growing inflow of foreign capital, domestic IT specialists and managers took part in more and more interesting and technologically advanced projects. 

The demand for IT specialists continues to grow 

The IT market gives a huge development, and the interest in this industry is constantly growing. The situation on the IT market in terms of remuneration is very good, so it is still a great time to change or enter this career path. Given that 55% of enterprises reported difficulties recruiting ICT professionals in 2020, this shortage of highly digitally skilled workers is a factor contributing to the slower digital transformation of enterprises in many Member States. Despite the greatest interest in specialists at the regular and senior level, beginners in the IT industry also have a very good chance of being employed. Work in this industry is possible without commercial experience. 

Hiring juniors and people who want to change industries is a recruitment strategy that more and more companies are reaching for. There are many training programs and academies that have dedicated special trainings to prepare for a specific role, for example Backend Developer can become a SRE Engineer. This is one of the ways to meet the constant shortage of specialists in the IT market - says Monika Kiliańska, Team Manager, Antal IT Services. 

You can get your first job in IT after completing the course. Such training courses are offered by many companies. They can be held both online and stationary. Many people enter the IT industry, starting from the test position and then learning one of the programming languages on their own. 

There are many online courses available, such as Udemy, Codecademy, Coursera, edX and Skillshare, and understanding of the material comes with time. Their huge popularity shows how many people want to learn. In addition, there are many companies that organize open lectures, workshops and meetings. Large corporations invest time and money to train their employees by organizing cycles of intensive free training sessions conducted within the company - adds Monika Kiliańska, Team Manager, Antal IT Services. 

The percentage of women in IT is still unsatisfactory 

According to PARP, the percentage of women among employed ICT specialists in Poland is 14%. Women's salaries are on average 20% lower than men in similar positions, despite the fact that Polish programmers know 4 programming languages on average - as much as their colleagues from the industry. According to the Hackerrank 2019 Women in Tech report, nearly 60% of female programmers aged 21 and under use one of the most desirable programming languages on the job market, i.e. Java, better than their peers. Therefore, the European Commission data, according to which, if the share of women in IT were fully used, EU GDP could increase by up to EUR 16 billion a year. 

The gender pay gap is still visible, i.e. the difference between the average remuneration of women and men, expressed as a percentage of the remuneration of women. However, it is worth looking at this indicator as a potential to be used and increasing the interest of women in working in the IT industry by leveling the pay scales. This is a good chance, considering that every fourth woman in the European Union graduates from information and communication technologies (ICT). We are glad that the share of women among students of faculties related to new technologies and IT is systematically increasing. Currently, 11,341 women study IT in Poland. Women who choose technical faculties are clearly determined to obtain a diploma, adds Monika Kiliańska, Team Manager, Antal IT Services. 
While in all technical universities, among those entering education in the 2018-2019 academic year, women accounted for 42% of the total number of students, in 2019 there were almost half of them, as much as 48%, among the graduates. New technologies are also a strong support in the development and building of a career for women. 

Eurostat data shows that the number of programmers active in the labor market is constantly increasing. Over the last decade, it was an increase of over 50%. While in Poland the percentage of women programming women is around 15%, in the entire EU it is over 19%. Therefore, there is a lot of potential, and Polish IT specialists do not stand out from their colleagues at all. This is evidenced by the fact that more and more of them work in the industry. Women boldly take their steps in an industry dominated by men until recently. More and more often they apply for the positions of IT project managers, data analysts, programmers, testers and computer graphic designers. Employers value their skills, including social competences and openness in cooperation with other departments of the company. They are also dynamically developing in the gamedev industry. According to Eurostat, before the pandemic in 2019, women constituted 24% of gamedev employees, in 2021 they were already 30% - adds Magdalena Rogóż, IT market expert at Kodilla.com.

Why is it worth to invest in IT in Poland? 

Poland is an ideal place to invest because it is located in the center of Europe and can be reached from most European countries. Many companies from the USA and Western Europe choose Poland more willingly than other countries because of its professionalism and lower prices. Poland has the lowest labor costs in the EU. According to the latest data, Polish programmers earn an average of USD 2,800 a month. This is almost two times less than programmers from other European countries and definitely less compared to specialists from the USA (where the average monthly salary is USD 9,302). 

According to the HackerRank, Polish employees are third in terms of being the best in programming. In the same ranking, Poles took the first place in performing tasks in Java. 90% of programmers in Poland have a university degree, and every year around 18,000 people graduate from ICT-related studies. It is worth noting that many programmers in Poland obtain a diploma in fields of study not directly related to software and application development. A large number of programmers graduate from faculties such as physics or mathematics and statistics, thanks to which Polish IT specialists are characterized by comprehensive knowledge - comments Fabian Pietras, Business Unit Director, Antal IT Services. 
Many companies, when planning their Central European expansion, decide to choose Poland, emphasizing the availability of highly qualified staff, approach to work, business conditions, market opportunities, as well as the costs of running a business. The pandemic has forced employers around the world to digitally transform and to trust employees and open up to remote work. 

Poland is still a great place to invest. The IT area is still developing strongly. The current situation has shown that remote work is not a problem, which allows you to search for talents throughout the country - adds Fabian Pietras, Business Unit Director, Antal IT Services. 

About the report 

"Why it is worth to invest in IT in Poland" Antal 2022 was prepared on the basis of research conducted by Antal and the analysis of data from recruitment processes. The report describes the key issues in the IT area. Antal experts answer the most frequently asked questions related to the specificity of investments in Poland and advise on what to pay attention to so that the investment goes according to the planned schedule. 

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