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Antal Executive Search is a recruitment team led exclusively by Antal senior executives. Each manager involved in the project, has a minimum of 10 years of experience in conducting demanding recruitment projects and a wide network of contacts, which significantly contributes to the effectiveness of the Executive Search methodology, allowing you to reach candidates unavailable on the labor market. We guarantee discretion and professionalism.

The success of the Executive Search process is based on a thorough understanding of the Client's needs and requirements. These needs, as well as the profile of the candidate sought, are discussed in detail before the start of each project. At the Client's request, the search process can be preceded by the joint creation of a competency profile for a given position in the organization, using dedicated tools - we have an internal HR Consulting department offering Assessment and Development Center solutions.

We conduct direct searches, among others, in companies (sources) approved by the Client, to make sure we find the best candidate. In the search process, we use extensive contacts in the industry, so that candidates presented to the Client have the required professional qualities and fit the organizational culture of the new employer. During our Manager's meetings with selected candidates, we check and evaluate their competencies and whether they meet the requirements for the position and the organization. 

The recruitment process for middle and senior management positions consists of:

At the client's request, we also conduct tests according to a selected methodology, the report of which can be an integral part of the candidate's assessment. 

We collect "360-degree" references on candidates to be considered at the final stage. Most often, this means interviewing three people indicated by a given candidate from three different levels in the organization's structure - supervisor, co-worker, subordinate (the latter in the case of managerial positions).

In order to ensure successful integration of the candidate into the new organization, we also support our clients at the stage of preparation and presentation of the offer to the selected candidate. In addition, regular contact with the candidate at the stage of negotiations, the notice period and after taking up employment with the Client builds his commitment and ensures the ability to react quickly in problem situations.

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Artur Migoń Vice President of the Board

He graduated from Cracow University of Economics with a Master's degree in Management and Marketing, specialization: Functioning and Development of Enterprises and Company Management. Artur has over 9 years of experience in heavy industry. Since March 2005, he had worked as a consultant at Antal International, later being promoted to head of the Manufacturing & Technology team which, after several years of development, was transformed into a division consisting of experts, recruitment professionals and managers in the areas of production, technology, quality, process optimization, supply chain, project management and technology transfer. The division conducts recruitment projects within every branch of the manufacturing sector - ranging from food production, automotive production, all types of construction, to energy and mining. Since 2015, V-ce President of the Management Board and an active recruiter specializing in the recruitment processes of senior and top management, cooperating with global companies and leading entrepreneurs in Poland.