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HR Due diligence is a complex study of the company’s condition in terms of HR, usually carried out for an external investor interested in acquiring a company. The service includes the analysis of an organisation’s human capital (inside and outside) in order to determine the company’s condition in terms of its stability and perception on the labour market which is – in times of the employee’s market – of strategic business importance.

Antal has prepared tools for investment funds that complement the Due Diligence process with a very important component, namely HR. Today, more than ever before, the way the companies treat their employees and how these companies are perceived by prospective candidates reflects the entire company’s condition and affects its investment potential. Studying the opinions and the market environment in terms of HR, checking the potential of the labour market in a given location – all of that can help to realistically assess the investment risk.

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As part of the HR Due Diligence process, Antal can carry out the following projects:

Research on Employer Image

It provides key knowledge about the perception of the company’s brand image by potential employees, presents employer’s strengths and weaknesses, and indicates potential areas of development. The research is conducted among a precisely defined target group which allows us to obtain the most reliable information, and our client can be certain that the report they receive is adequate to their expectations and will enable them to develop an effective action plan.

Investment Potential Analysis

In order to be well prepared for the takeover of a company and its employees, it is worth checking the labour market in a given location. What is the educational potential in a specific specialisation? Are the desired skills readily available on the market? What are the competitors like? The answers to these questions will allow you to gain the knowledge of the candidates’ exact expectations and avoid future recruitment problems.

Salary survey

Salary surveys allow us to obtain comprehensive knowledge about the level of salaries in selected market areas, industries or positions. We plan and carry out each project according to individually selected criteria, reaching the indicated target group. With this knowledge, you will be able to translate the conclusions of the salary survey directly into business investment activities.

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey

The Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey is a tool which provides complete information on the current indicators determining the broadly understood employee activity and the factors determining its level. The results of the report make it possible to determine the mood prevailing within the organisation, the reasons for employee inefficiency and employee outflow, indicate the direction of HR investments and set short- and long-term goals.

We take an individual approach to each project, beginning with an in-depth analysis of the company’s specifics and the preparation of research tools. We provide our clients with professional support in communicating the survey within their internal structures.

If you want to reduce the investment risks associated with various HR aspects or, as an acquired company, you want to eliminate potential risks that could discourage an investor, we invite you to take part in our complex HR Due diligence study. Trust the quality that we have been building together for years.

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Artur Migoń Vice President of the Board

He graduated from Cracow University of Economics with a Master's degree in Management and Marketing, specialization: Functioning and Development of Enterprises and Company Management. Artur has over 9 years of experience in heavy industry. Since March 2005, he had worked as a consultant at Antal International, later being promoted to head of the Manufacturing & Technology team which, after several years of development, was transformed into a division consisting of experts, recruitment professionals and managers in the areas of production, technology, quality, process optimization, supply chain, project management and technology transfer. The division conducts recruitment projects within every branch of the manufacturing sector - ranging from food production, automotive production, all types of construction, to energy and mining. Since 2015, V-ce President of the Management Board and an active recruiter specializing in the recruitment processes of senior and top management, cooperating with global companies and leading entrepreneurs in Poland.