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Hire a robot tailored to the needs of your company

Nothing can be taken for granted in the rapidly changing labour market. Companies have to change their strategies, approaches and goals if they are to stay relevant. This also applies to internal employment structures. Completely new roles are emerging. Even thought they did not exist a few short years ago, they are now in high demand. Soon they will become commonplace.

Robot Work Agency

In response to the growing market demands and the needs of our Clients, we have expanded the portfolio of our services with the Robot Work Agency. Thanks to it, already today clients can employ a robot in their organization adapted to the repetitive processes in their organization. The comprehensive scope of the service enables an individual approach to each case, starting from the modification of strategies, methods of operation and goals. Our partner, in cooperation with whom we create the Robot Work Agency, is Pirxon S.A. present on the Polish market for over 14 years.
An attractive element of the offer is a flexible accounting model, similar to that known from temporary work solutions or employee leasing.

What is a robot?

Ideal for volume processes, ensures a high degree of standardisation, and repetitive, tedious tasks do not evoke the feeling of monotony – robots are increasingly getting a job in Polish offices, and cooperation with them brings tangible benefits. But what are they actually?

  • The robot is an application installed on your computer;
  • The robot simulates human work on a computer;
  • The robot’s work does not require any changes in applications;
  • The robot does the same work that a human used to do;
  • The robot has no intelligence!
  • Robot = process + worker (workstation + technology)

Automate routine tasks thanks to robot

Establishing cooperation with a robot becomes profitable in standardized processes that employees perform over 90 seconds. The robots are adapted to the working environment immediately after installation (you do not waste time on the onboarding employee) and do not make mistakes.

1. Virtual robots work exactly the same way as an employee who sits down to a computer, logs in using their data and performs assigned tasks.

2. RPA type solutions allow for flexible management of the available resource of virtual employees and precise planning of work.

3. Previous implementations of RPA type solutions confirm their potential in terms of improving the efficiency of business processes.

Examples of areas in which robotisation has been implemented include:

We implement RPA using all of the available technologies: UiPath, Automation Anywhere , Blue Prism, Contextor , EdgeVerve Systems, Kofax, Kryon Systems, NICE, Pegasystems, Softomotive, WorkFusion. We also conduct courses and workshops on using and programming RPA bots.

What benefits will the robot bring to your company?

1. Time saving

The robot is ready for action on the first day of its work. It performs repetitive, routine tasks efficiently and flawlessly, which means that Your company saves time by reducing the costs of work.


2. The development of your employees

You gain an employee who easily performs the job of two full-time positions. Thanks to this, the other team members can focus on development tasks that require unconventional approach, creativity or teamwork.

3. Base of sales leads

Robots effectively archiving sales leads in the form of e-mail and contact data. Thanks to their help, you can automate, for example, personalised mailing to clients.

Try & Hire

The innovative Antal Robotics Process Automation division offers a Try & Hire service that gives companies an opportunity to test out personalised robots.  The robot's practical skills are put to the test before the client decides to hire it permanently. Additionally, we provide technical support via the Robot Safety System which gives us remote control over the robots. Thanks to that, we are able to provide support around the clock regardless of location.

Robots are technologically advanced tools whose proper functioning is dependent on being put in the right role in the right organisation. That is why each robot placement processes begins with an in-depth interview with the client and an audit of their company in order to determine the standardisation, repetitiveness and scale of the tasks to be automated.

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Sebastian Sala Business Unit Director, SSC/BPO, Banking & Insurance, ReX Recruitment Exchange

Graduated the Warsaw School of Economics in the field of Management, specialization: Enterprise Management and Human Resources Management. After 8 years in managerial positions in the banking sector, he joined the Antal team. Currently, he is responsible for recruitment processes, HR analysis and consulting as well as business development in the following industries: SSC/BPO, Finance, HR & Legal and Banking & Insurance. Enthusiast of digitalization of recruitment projects. Responsible for running and developing the largest crowdstaffing platform for independent recruiters in Poland: ReX - Recruitment Exchange. Industry expertise and a rich portfolio of completed projects allow us to present specific business solutions to clients that bring significant changes and measurable effects, e.g. as part of services such as RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Permanent Recruitment and Outsourcing.