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REX (Recruitment Exchange) is a crowdstaffing platform that connects customers, candidate and recruiters.

We have created REX Recruitment Exchange because we believe that recruiting services are the future of the labour market and should be available to everyone, even companies who could not afford them in the past. The tool aims to integrate the needs of clients, recruiters and candidates into a holistic work model. Our priority is to provide the highest possible standard of service and ensure that the entire process is completely transparent. Our database is managed by experienced recruiters and includes candidates from all over Europe. REX will let you reach the ideal candidate at the right place and time.

REX relies on an open collaboration with head hunters so it is not constrained by location or database access permissions.  Additionally, it allows shifting candidates between various open recruiting processes. Thus, openings can be filled with suitable candidates in a short timeframe.

Drawing on our 20 years of experience, REX also offers a range of complementary services aimed to help head hunters improve their skills and gain knowledge. In addition to recruiting tools and trends our internal training and workshop courses also cover the legal, administrative and coaching aspects of a recruiter's work.

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Karolina Korzeniewska REX Project Manager