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Reneo - recruiting experts, managers and high-level staff for RES companies

Roman Zabłocki photo
Roman Zabłocki Business Unit Director

Antal Reneo specializes in recruiting experts, managers and high-level staff for companies operating in the renewable energy industry, with a particular focus on the areas of:

  • photovoltaics,
  • onshore wind,
  • offshore wind,
  • biogas,
  • hydrogen,
  • nuclear energy.

Obtaining energy from renewable sources is no longer a technology of the future but a current solution to reduce costs and even generate additional revenue while caring for the future of our planet. Poland's RES (Renewable Energy Sources) industry is snowballing. Forecasts indicate that by 2030, even 50% of the country's electricity demand could be met by renewable energy sources. Both offshore and onshore wind farms could reach a total annual production of 77 TWh, while the photovoltaic sector could reach 21 TWh. In the coming years, a critical task for renewable energy companies will be to attract specialists to support the development of their factories and power plants.

Recruitment - Renewable Energy Sources: photovoltaic, onshore and offshore wind, biogas, hydrogen, nuclear. Who can we find for you?

Examples of recruitment projects conducted by Antal Reneo:

  • CEO PV Company,
  • Chief Commercial Officer – Board Member PV Company,
  • Domestic market Sales Director PV Company,
  • Sales Manager PV Romania,
  • Regional Sales Manager PV Benelux,
  • Regional Sales Manager PV Nordic Countries,
  • PV Farms Investment Manager,
  • Development Director PV,
  • Designer PV installations,
  • Chief Technical Officer – Hydrogen,
  • Project Manager Wind Offshore,
  • Project Manager Wind Onshore,
  • Project Planning Manager – offshore wind,
  • Geotechnics Expert,
  • Investment preparations Expert – wind,
  • Project Manager Biogas.

Are you looking for an employee in the RES sector? Here's why you should choose Antal.

At Antal, every recruitment should be conducted professionally and with total commitment. We use the latest tools and work with recruiters with skills in sourcing candidates and deep knowledge of the industries in which we specialize. We have an excellent understanding of the requirements of companies operating in the RES sector.

Share information about the position you want to fill, and we will show you how to conduct the recruitment process efficiently and effectively.

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Sustainability at Antal

At Antal, we pursue a strategy in a socially responsible manner. For years, we have carried out various corporate social responsibility activities related to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as education, economic growth, reducing inequality, improving health or combating climate change. Antal's ESG strategy is based on three pillars: People, Planet and Prosperity. Applying and promoting environmental solutions is one of the critical pillars of Antal's Sustainability. We integrate initiatives to respect the environment and raise the environmental awareness of our employees into the company's daily operations. Year after year, we strive to optimize the consumption of raw materials and introduce solutions to reduce negative climate change.

Learn more about ESG at Antal: https://en.antal.pl/esg

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Roman Zabłocki photo
Roman Zabłocki Business Unit Director

His professional experience covers over 10 years of business development and managing recruitment projects for executive positions in manufacturing branch, mainly for heavy industry, and automotive. He has an excellent knowledge of manufacturing and technical processes, which lets him place Candidates for the top managerial positions. He’s been a part on Antal’s team from 2008, leading his managerial position over the Engineering & Operations team located in five offices since 2015. He is leading regular trainings for his team on successful cooperation with Clients, Candidates, as well as business planning.