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Reneo - Employee leasing for PV related projects

Antal Reneo

Obtaining energy from renewable sources is no longer a technology of the future, but a current solution that allows you to reduce costs and even generate additional income, with simultaneous care for the future of our planet.

ANTAL RENEO specializes in employee leasing for the implementation of projects in the energy sector, with particular emphasis on renewable energy projects and electromobility. In the field of photovoltaic projects, we offer leasing of employees or complete teams for the needs of general contractors implementing projects on land with capacities from several hundred kW for large-scale projects, also located outside Poland.

Our offer - select project and we will deliver the right team

For customers interested in the preparation and construction of photovoltaic installations, we offer a comprehensive solution. As an integrator of services and processes, we supervise the preparation and implementation of turnkey photovoltaic projects, both in the area of investment preparation, technical design, implementation and long-term installation service.

For the needs of projects located on industrial sites and "prosumer" installations, we offer:

  • Leasing of qualified employees or complete teams;
  • Execution and service of installations by assembly teams with national and international experience.

For whom?

  • For prosumers - home installations for an individual customer who has the option of building installations due to the appropriate roof structure.
  • For business - all kinds of economic entities with their production and office facilities or land for the construction of installations on the ground.

In addition, we offer employee leasing in the field of wind and solar farm service, as well as for the implementation of projects in the commercial power industry, construction of new generation sources, modernization and renovation.

Our database contains over 2,800 qualified employees
and teams ready to implement 
any PV related projects


Due to the dynamic development of the renewable energy sector and the growing demand for specialists implementing photovoltaic projects, we also offer training courses that allow you to gain new competences in this area of modern energy.

Our offer includes:

  • training for installers of PV installations,
  • training for RES installers and reminding trainings for those who want to extend the UDT certificate for another 5 years,
  • training for installers of PV installations with the possibility of obtaining SEP qualifications up to 1kV,
  • training for clients, depending on the needs, we adjust the scope of the training (prosumers - home installations; projects for business and industry - project development, optimization of energy consumption, energy trading; large land owners - project development, building partnerships, selling energy).

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