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High volume recruitment process

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High volume recruitment process

Story Story

One of our Clients - a leader in the IT industry - asked us to help them with a high volume recruitment process for the technical support area for lower, middle and senior level positions.

Our Client did not have its own recruitment structure and HR department and was not prepared to recruit and take on a large number of employees in a short period of time. Everything took place during a process transition, which was an additional challenge in terms of time and communication.

Goal and challenge Goal and challenge

The challenge was a recruitment project where one of the main KPIs: number of hires was very high while another: time to hire was very short, namely 2 months only. Due to the highly competitive market, the source of candidates was also a challenge. 

Due to the lack of an in-house recruiting department, we were responsible for most of the HR & Administrator's activities, as well as a complete process mapping, which allowed us to create a new recruiting structure, tailor-made for our Client.

Action plan Action plan

We divided our activities into 3 stages. The first was to determine what the current recruitment pattern looks like in the Client's structures and what can be changed in it to enable high-volume hiring.

The second stage was to create communication tools - a communication strategy to shorten the decision-making and hiring process.

In the third stage, we focused on active expansion of the candidates source in such a way as to reach as many specialists as possible with key competencies for the position.

Process Process

We created a single standardized recruitment process and communication tools to enable a clear and transparent flow of information between departments for quick decision-making.

Then we engaged a project team - a group of our specialized consultants who, using their knowledge of the local market, provided the Client with the necessary candidates. 

Effects Effects

Thanks to our comprehensive approach we hired more than 40 specialists in less than 2 months.

Uniqueness Uniqueness

Our service provided the Client with specific process mapping and solution design that saved time. The solutions were so helpful and personalized that our Client is still using them today. 

2 Months of the project

42 Hired


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