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High-volume recruitment process during business transition

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High-volume recruitment process during business transition

Story Story

Establishing an RPO partnership with a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry who was expanding its accounting department with dozens of new experts and leads from different areas of the general ledger, we were ready for a volume search for candidates. The situation was urgent, since the company planned several process transitions, and the transfer of processes permanently to Poland depended on the success of the recruitment. In addition, the company needed the best specialists from the market since it could not afford time-consuming introduction of people with minor working record to their duties. 

Goal and challenge Goal and challenge

It was crucial for us to map the market across Poland as quickly as possible and acquire a sufficient pool of candidates in a short period of time. 

Action plan Action plan

The basic task for the onsite recruiter was to create, together with managers, ad content that might attract and encourage active external and internal candidates to apply. At the same time, we started searching for passive candidates from all over Poland and encouraged them to participate in the recruitment interviews.

Process Process

Onsite recruiter was comprehensively responsible for the entire recruitment process for the Client's accounting department. He was the main contact person for all hiring managers and was responsible for all processes in this area. He was responsible for sourcing candidates from portals like LinkedIn and encouraging them to apply to the Client's ads, as well as initial interviews with active candidates and arranging meetings with managers. The onsite recruiter, along with the entire HR team and managers, encouraged employees to participate in the internal referral program, which contributed to a significant increase in the candidate pool. The RPO consultant was in constant contact with the hiring managers to complete all efforts and manage candidates in such a way that the process went quickly but with quality. After successful recruitment meetings, the consultant was also responsible for making offers and all hiring paperwork. The consultant also took care that only the candidates with the relevant experience were selected, not forgetting to provide feedback to all project participants. With such a volume of appointments, efficient prioritization of tasks and structuring of the entire process was needed.

Effects Effects

Thanks to maximized activities, it was possible to attract 60 experts and leads from the market during 6 months of the RPO project. The operational work in the accounting team was taken care of by a sufficient number of new employees who handled similar tasks in previous positions. This allowed for a quick and smooth integration into the Client's process. Based on a business decision, the Polish branch got a guarantee that all processes would be transferred to Poland, since they proved capable of taking care of all future tasks.

Uniqueness Uniqueness

By providing our service, we offered the Client the opportunity to hire a large number of experts over a short time, with an emphasis on maintaining the high quality of conducting the recruitment process. We helped manage a process that required a significant time investment of key people in the company. Usually, they devote their time mainly to operational work, and for several months they had to commit themselves to the recruitment process and at the same time keep the business flowing. 

9 Months of project

60 Hired experts


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